Terms of Sale

The sale is subject to all rules and provisions laid down by Italian law and by the SMI (Italian Fashion Industry) contract both for the legal and technical part, which are consensually modified by the special terms indicated here below.

Payment and interest

Any non-payment at the due date will determine the loss for the purchaser of any agreed discount and the obligation for the latter to pay the default interest provided by Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2002, as amended and supplemented, therein including Italian Legislative Decree no. 192 of 2012. Any non-payment at the due date will legitimate the seller, at its discretion, to cancel any residual balance of the order or to request the early payment of the individual due dates. Any offsetting between bank transfer and indemnity requests and receivables deriving from unpaid sales is excluded.

Reserve of ownership

The goods remain the property of the seller until their full payment even if subject to processing with consequent increase of their value, subject to the right of the seller to take recourse and to expropriate other goods where the purchaser has unlawfully sold what was received from the seller.