Telling the story of the Taroni company means celebrating the excellence of quality and craftsmanship at the service of the finest creativity.

The company was founded in 1880 thanks to Amedeo Taroni, a talented weaver and artist, who left traces of his creativity in the books of a valuable archive, jealously preserved and still consulted by his heirs as a source of inspiration.

Beside remarkable investments aimed at improving quality control of the whole productive cycle, the new headquarters, rational and modern, will allow a further boost to the entire activity.

The People

In 1999, the heir, Giampaolo Porlezza hands over the company to Michele Canepa, who takes control of the mill preserving the heralded Taroni tradition.

His son Maximilian, CEO and Creative Director of the company, is now dedicated to bringing TARONI up to speed with the modern world while still maintaining its long standing traditions.

Italian manufacturing

The dying process : Because we dye in small batches, specifically silk skeins, we are able to have precise control of the desired color. Every dye lot is meticulously inspected and cataloged.

The warp preparation : After the skeins are dyed they are transferred to cones and are aligned on a machine that will create the warp. The set of lengthwise yarns that is the foundation of the fabric.

Weaving : Our classic shuttle looms allow us to recreate archival fabrics originally developed by our founder over a hundred and thirty years ago.

Quality control : After our fabrics have passed a visual and chemical inspection, they do not require any additional treatments, except for a simple dry cleaning. Our fabric rolls are then carefully wrapped in paper and ready to be shipped.