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The industrial culture of Taroni S.p.a. is centered on the refinement and innovation of industrial processes to satisfy the clients’ and customers’ requests of quality and creativity. The challenge we are facing is the integration of sustainability values in the vision of Taroni S.p.a. and in the production processes. The elimination of all hazardous chemicals, without limiting the clients’ creativity or compromising on quality, is a difficult challenge that can only be faced by innovative companies which also adopt the best available technologies. Taroni S.p.a. is at the forefront in the search of solutions that reduce the environmental impact to offer its clients and customers the best environmental, social and transparency standards.

For this reason we decided to commit to the elimination of all hazardous chemicals, following the most rigorous current standards, those defined by Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign. On march 15, 2016 Taroni S.p.a. publicly committed to the Detox Campaign [see “link to the PDF of the commitment” at the bottom of the page] and the moral responsibility towards clients and customers to comply with it. In this area of our website we will publicly give account of our progresses in the commitment.

In compliance with the DETOX commitment, Taroni S.p.a. already took remarkable steps towards the elimination of hazardous substances as defined in our M-RSL [see “link to the PDF of the M-RSL” at the bottom of the page] and carefully monitor, also with periodical chemical analyses, any possibile and unforeseen deviation from this commitment to be ready to undertake corrective actions. We have since the beginning extended our controls and analyses to all the 11 groups of prioritary chemicals included in our M-RSL and expected by the DETOX standard. Our production processes are already free from:


  • Chlorinated Flame Retardants
  • Azoic Colorants
  • Organostannic Compounds
  • PFC
  • Chlorobenzenes
  • Chlorinated Solvents
  • Chlorophenols
  • Short-chain Chlorinated Paraffins
  • Chromium, Chromium VI and Mercury



Here (link to the PDF of the commitment) our Detox commitment.

Here (link to the M-RSL) our M-RSL, the list of banned chemical substances.

Here below the link to the results of the analyses carried out on our fabrics, which we will progressively extend to all fabrics.

Analytic report of 21.12.2015 [Link to report 1] [Link to report 2], analytic report of June 2016 [Link to report 3], analytic report of May 2019 [Link to report 4]. The analysed fabrics represent about 50% of our production.

Update 13/01/2017 – APEOs Elimination Investigation Report

Update 06/12/2017 – Taroni’s activity concerning the replacement and elimination of PFCs

Update 18/05/2018 – EPR – Analysis of the potential economic value of waste

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