The industrial culture of Taroni S.p.A. is centered on the refinement and innovation of industrial processes to satisfy the clients’ and customers’ requests of quality and creativity. The challenge we are facing is the integration of sustainability values in the vision of Taroni S.p.A. and in the production processes. The elimination of all hazardous chemicals, without limiting the clients’ creativity or compromising on quality, is a difficult challenge that can only be faced by innovative companies which also adopt the best available technologies. Taroni S.p.A. is at the forefront in the search of solutions that reduce the environmental impact to offer its clients and customers the best environmental, social and transparency standards.
For this reason we decided to commit to the elimination of all hazardous chemicals, following the most rigorous current standards, those defined by Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign. On March 15, 2016 Taroni S.p.A. publicly committed to the Detox Campaign [see “link to the Detox commitment” at the bottom of the page] and the moral responsibility towards clients and customers to comply with it. In this area of our website we will publicly give account of our progresses in the commitment.


The DETOX Commitment signed on March 15, 2016 was strategic in these years for Taroni.
We are proud to have taken a leadership role in eliminating dangerous chemicals from the fashion supply chain.
We first believed that a production of “clean” fabrics and accessories was possible and we committed to achieving it when many were still skeptical. When some processes were technically possible only with the use of dangerous substances (Chromium VI, Heavy metals, Paracloroaniline…), we believed that the solutions would arise only at the achievement of a critical mass of demand, and we started to build it. We have welcomed the other companies that gradually joined and today many of those processes are possible without eco-toxicological risks.
We made a bet that was not within reach to everyone. We started from our production processes, we trained our people, carried out internal investigations, sensitized, involved and monitored our suppliers and we won the challenge.
Now we will not let our guard down, but we will continue to work to guarantee our customers, end consumers and the global community that even the most innovative requests on the market are met in compliance with the most stringent existing standards, represented not only by DETOX but also ZDHC and AFIRM.
We have also embarked on a path to improve the management of natural resources and waste, the other major challenge in the fashion world. Not only to ensure that the recycling of our products does not lead to contamination, but to preserve the availability of raw materials, clean water, and energy, for future generations.
We continue to challenge ourselves as responsibility leaders, producers of sustainability in fashion and change.


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