Taroni star of the “2019 Sustainable Style Gala” by Maison de Mode

Taroni makes Swarovski Crystals shine
1 January 0101
A sustainable book, wrapped in Taroni silk
1 January 0101


Taroni star of the “2019 Sustainable Style Gala” organized by Maison de Mode thanks to its printed silk Duchesse

On Saturday 23rd February, Taroni was the star of the Sustainable Style Gala 2019, organized the night before the Academy Award ceremony by Maison de Mode at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

One of Maison de Mode’s founders is a follower of the company’s Instagram account (@taronisilk) and asked to print a “20’s style” design on one of the fabrics.

From the rich archive available, Maison de Mode has chosen the beautiful design of a feather that Sasha Bikoff, the interior designer charged with setting up the hall, has brought to life on Taroni silk Duchesse.

The printed silk Duchesse was used to create tablecloths for the gala evening and the design was also used as a backdrop for the invitations.

Sasha Bikoff

Hassan Pierre and Amanda Hearst, co-founders of Maison de Mode, with Sasha Bikoff

Maximilian Canepa and his wife Lillian Grant


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