A sustainable book, wrapped in Taroni silk

Taroni star of the “2019 Sustainable Style Gala” by Maison de Mode
1 January 0101
TARONI winner of the “Sustainable Producer” award at Green Carpet Fashion Awards
1 January 0101
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Libro Taroni Green carpet 2018


During The 2018 Green Carpet Fashion Awards,

Taroni, together with Eco-Age and Hamish Bowles,

presented this little book on sustainability

dressed in our green duchesse.

Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018 book

It has been an honor to be recognized this past year for the passion we have for our silk fabrics and the dedication to the progress we continue to make towards creating a more sustainable product. Thank you @liviafirth and @carlocapasa for leading this movement. We want to thank @ecoage, @cameramoda and @hamishbowles on making this little green book on sustainability a reality.

The green duchesse satin that so sensually wraps it, comes from existing material sitting in our warehouse and is made out of recycled paper. We hope this book inspires people towards a better future.

We want to congratulate all the winners at this year’s @greencarpetfashionawards.

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